Tiverton FTR

Tiverton Wins

Tiverton’s vote on Tuesday was an historic win for all its citizens. 37% of the voters turned out for the special election, and two-to-one chose to replace the Financial Town Meeting with a Financial Town Referendum. Unhappy with the current town meeting process, which has discouraged voter participation and sharply divided our community, the voters chose a voter referendum where they will be in control and where everyone can participate with advance notice, even by absentee ballot
if unable to get to the polls on voting day.

In 2006, the voters of Tiverton approved finding an alternative to the financial town meeting, and after 5 years in the making Tiverton voters finally will have the chance to control budgets and tax rates going forward through this all-day referendum.
This voting referendum lets the true democratic majority of Tiverton voters be heard, and is the best path to lower property taxes in Tiverton because the true majority of Tiverton voters will finally be heard in a fair setting – the secret ballot.

The benefits of choosing the Financial Town Referendum were many – from private, all-day voting, absentee ballots, voter control of budget proposals, voter control of taxes, advance warning of budget proposals, and no more procedural maneuvers or
tricks. Voters understood what was at stake, and the option that was given to them with the Financial Town Referendum, and responded accordingly and resoundingly.

Your vote will resonate that business as usual is over. Thank you for your overwhelming support and vote in changing our Town charter to provide for a Financial Town Referendum.

Nancy Driggs

Voters For The FTR