Here a variety of materials to help understand the FTR.  If there are other things you would like to see here, just let us know at



Here are official documents related to the Financial Town Meeting Changes Advisory Committee:

FTMCAC Establishing Resolution - Adopted 23 August 2010

FTMCAC Minutes 4 October 2010

FTMCAC Minutes 13 December 2010

FTMCAC Minutes 21 March 2011

FTMCAC Minutes 11 April 2011

FTMCAC Minutes 25 April 2011

FTMCAC Minutes 16 May 2011

FTMCAC Minutes 23 May 2011

FTMCAC Minutes 31 May 2011

FTMCAC Minutes 6 June 2011

FTMCAC Minutes 16 June 2011

FTMCAC Minutes 21 June 2011

FTMCAC Minutes 7 July 2011

FTMCAC Minutes 18 July 2011

FTMCAC Minutes 28 July 2011

Town Solicitor Memorandum dated 3 December 2010

Town Solicitor Memorandum dated 8 June 2011

FTMCAC FTR Public Hearing Presentation delivered 11 July 2011

FTMCAC Final Reccommendation Tracking Matrix dated 20 July 2011



Rhode Island Board of Elections, Campaign Finance Division

Rhode Island Board of Elections, Local Boards of Canvassers

Town of Tiverton (Official Web Site)


Eagle Voting Machine

Here is a picture of “The Eagle” which is the electronic voting machine based upon optical scanning technology used to quickly and accurately count votes at elections.

This is how votes would be counted at an FTR, instead of people walking around a gym counting raised hands in the open.


Tax Cap

Here is a link to the Paiva-Weed tax cap law.

Here is a link to documentation related to the tax cap law.


Media Coverage

The Newport Daily News has endorsed ending Tiverton’s use of the problematic FTM at least 7 times in recent years (November 2, 2006, October 31, 2008, November 1, 2008, April 23, 2009, May 8, 2009, October 29, 2010, April 29, 2011).

Excerpts from “Town Meeting mess”, a Sakonnet Times  editorial published on 13 May 2010 include:

“…As a device to divide Tiverton into angry, confused and frustrated camps, the Financial Town Meeting succeeds magnificently.  But as a means to apply reason, logic and civil debate to the big issues of the day, it’s a flat-out failure…”

“…It’s well beyond time to ditch this proud tradition…”

“…Nor was he [the Moderator] helped by an inadequate sound system, overwhelmed vote counters and two-room venue…”

“…Most shameful was the way townspeople and neighbors treated one another…”

“…Police wisely gave the moderator an escort from the building to his car…”

“…A “community” does not easily recover from such venom.”


Letters to the Editor

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Financial Town Referendum is a Change Whose Time Has Come

Let The Voters Decide

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Top 10 reasons to vote for the FTR